New Us

So we’re changing things…and it could be exciting for some!

What are we changing?

Well for starters we’re completely changing the way we publish things. From the start we’ve been a platform for small publishers from the Rail Simulator community to help boost their social awareness and downloads for the products they create.

Our website will now include add-on’s from various third party publishers to create an all-in-one digital catalogue to help users of Dovetail’s Train Simulation products find downloadable content to enhance their gameplay experience.

When will all this be implemented?

As of today, from initial announcements we’ll be slowly planning how we’re going to layout the site in order to keep the navigation as simple as possible. We’ve already started collecting links of popular downloadable content from publishers to help us plan ahead on how we will present the information to the community.

What mustn’t be mixed up!

3rd party products/affiliate links we host on our site are the original author’s responsibility – the site we link to you would need to contact to remove the content. We can remove links directed to copyright infringing content but we are not held responsible for any damages caused. This must not be mixed up with content we host directly for authors who submit their content to us.

Hosted vs. 3rd party/affiliate, we’re responsible for hosted content but not 3rd party/affiliates. You can, however, contact us for page removals if the affiliate is hosting infringing content.