Installing DLC

This page refers to installing TSX and TSW downloadable content in various formats…

Content with NO .rwp files…

  1. Open up your downloaded .rar file or zipped archive and extract the folders/files into another folder on your PC.
  2. You’ll need to locate your RailWorks (TSX) Directory. It will be somewhere along the lines of: ‘Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > RailWorks’.
  3. Depending on the content you’ve downloaded whether that be a Route, Scenario or Asset etc. there are various folders for each one. We’ll be using a ‘Route’ as an example…
  4. Locate your ‘Routes’ folder in the RailWorks directory. ‘RailWorks > Content > Routes’. All you need to do is open up that folder and drag in the folder named ‘ee234c6c-748c-4a94-b417-ccf643d9188c’ (for example).
  5. That’s it! Open up TSX and have fun.

Same applies to reskins. Just locate your ‘Assets’ folder and find your desired train. Simply drag’n’drop the files followed by any additional movements as instructed in some downloads.

Content with .rwp files…

Follow the video below to install RWP files on TSX.

As explained above it’s pretty simple. Locate your utilities.exe file in your RailWorks directory, open it and find your .rwp file/s. Install them and open up your game. Tick off the assets in-game and you’re sorted! Any issues let us know.

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