2007 / 2018

It is with deep regret that we have decided to discontinue the Bluecode brand. This means that anything in connection to us such as our website, Facebook page and other resources are now disbanded or in the process of doing so.

The closure was ultimately our fault entirely. We tried to build a model that would help the community find content easier than searching endlessly through Google and Steam Workshop. It was essentially a simple directory/database for 3rd party add-on's.

Unfortunately, myself the site owner, went through with the conversion and added affiliate/external links (we didn't host physical files of those add-on's) but we did host imagery and information (description) from the authors' site. This is where we fell through the floorboards and ended up getting caught which we have no excuse for. It would be incredibly time consuming emailing every single developer that has now popped up since Railworks first released therefore we tried to skip this step and used images from the sites without permission.

We understand the frustration and inconvenience caused and there's nothing we can do but apologise.

We'd like to thank over 1,300 of you for following and supporting our page as well as the 25,000+ of those who visited the site last year and now.

The Bluecode brand will be discontinued however the Facebook page remains unpublished. We're still deciding on what use the Page has for us in the future.