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Information on our external links!

Many of you are aware that we offer a online catalogue-like service that allows users of the Train Simulation community to pop-in, search for an add-on, find what they like, choose from what’s available in the directory, and finally be directed to the author’s download site. The site ultimately suffers from exit traffic by providing such service therefore affecting bounce rate. We’re not shooting ourselves in the foot about this because that’s our intention, to provide an online directory so that users can search for products without having to search endlessly on forum boards, Google results and Facebook groups.

We needed to find a solution to monetise various entry and exit points on the site. We’re going to be transparent on this and tell you that we’ve started using redirection monetisation links, therefore any external link you click on will take you to a ‘5 second ad break’ before allowing you to proceed to the content.

  • The adverts are safe as they are closely monitored by the provider – however if you find one that isn’t make sure to screenshot evidence, send it to us and report it immediately.
  • You have the option to view them or not – if you use ad blocker we’re not going to send you to the pits. We respect your decision but also note we don’t ask for donations. Please consider white-listing us.
  • They take ‘5 seconds’. That’s it, nothing more – unless you accidentally refresh the advert page then it’s an additional ‘5 seconds’ and so on…

Hopefully you understand and respect our decision in doing so. After all we are looking at ways in investing back into the site but without funding we slow down development.

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