Diesel Railcar Simulator (Lapioware)

Diesel Railcar Simulator Bluecode Lapioware promo

Introducing…Diesel Railcar Simulator by Lapioware!

A train driving simulation set in the late 1960’s of British Railways the game focuses on modelling the passenger diesel multiple units, or ‘railcars’, of the era.

Receiving already ‘Positive’ feedback on Steam, Lapioware have entered the market with huge potential.

“Via a stream of dynamic input recommendations the sim will tell you when to slow, pick up pace and change gear, quietly encouraging fuel-efficient driving all the while. It’s one of the simplest and best-integrated tutorial systems I’ve ever encountered.”
Tim Stone (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

If you’re interested or still want more to persuade here’s Squirrel with a ‘First Look’ video…

…otherwise, click the link below to purchase today!