[ICS43] Valenta Vibes

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Due to unavailability of 1990’s working time table, the following scenario is depicted in 1990 using the real life time table of 1P21 16:33 London Euston to Blackpool North which is now being operated by Virgin Trains West Coast. During those days Blackpool North was on InterCity network. Thus this scenario will be utilising a Intercity Swallow High Speed Train from London Euston as far as Milton Keynes Central. So just sit back and enjoy your run on WCML with HST. Cheers!



  • WCML London & Midlands V4 (primary route, UKTS 36023)
  • WCML North (Steam)


  • European Loco & Asset Pack (Steam)
  • Class 37 (from European Loco & Asset Pack)
  • Class 43 Valenta/Mk3 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
  • Class 47 (from European Loco & Asset Pack)
  • Class 86 (from WCML North default)
  • Class 87 (Steam BR Class 87 Loco Add-on)
  • Class 90 Mk3/DVT (from Armstrong Powerhouse)
  • Class 313 (Armstrong Powerhouse)
  • Class 321 (Armstrong Powerhouse)

Installation instructions are within the download’s ‘readme’ file. Any problems please let us know via Facebook or our support form.

A scenario by ADC.


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