Southend Victoria to London Liverpool Street

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Crouch Valley Route from Southend Victoria to London Liverpool Street, haven’t done the trains for TfL Rail yet but the greater Anglia trains are, such as in Ilford depot, underground at Stratford and Class 378.

Please note that this project is a work in progress. Trains for TfL Rail are still needed but author requested publishing for those interested in trying it out.

Requirements are needed:

  • Crouch Valley Route UKTrainSim
  • AP Class 321
  • Class 321 Superalbs Branding Patch Reskin
  • Class 321 Plain Purple Reskin
  • Class 455 for the Class 317 as there is static trains in places, 317 will act as the 315
  • Class 378 EMU
  • Isle of wright for the 483 to spawn at stratford
  • Bedford route as there is 2 class 66’s at Wickford disused platform facing towards london
    class 90
  • GEML for the Class 360 (From SuperAlbs)

Please send feedback through the comments below! Message us for any issues with the link.


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