Class 91 ‘Tribute to Chester’ Fictional Reskin

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Hello! everyone this is my first reskin (fictional) and there are lot rooms for improvements. So I would like to know if any how I could enhance my repaints and present a more plausible form from next time. Feel free to mail me (email is available in readme file which comes with the download).

This reskin is purely a fictional work and may not be claimed or reproduced without obtaining a permission from me.

**This reskin uses the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 91 Enhancement Pack**

ADC presents you a repaint of class 91 electric locomotive ‘Tribute to Chester’. Please follow the instructions for installation.

1. Unzip the zip which you have already done.
2. Open Utilities.exe in your Railworks directory.
3. Install the 91 ‘Tribute to Chester’.rwp file.
4. After completing step 3. Navigate to your Assets—>RSC—>Class91Pack01—>RailVehicles—>Electric—>Class 91
5. Click on the ‘EC-AP’ folder and click on ‘Engine’ and copy the ‘Class91.Geopcdx’ file
6. Go back to your Class 91 folder and click on ’91_LP’. Click on ‘Engine’ and paste the ‘Class91.Geopcdx’ file
7. Clear cache and you are good to go.

Note: There is no Quick Drives made for this particular repainted locomotive.

File size: 7.29mb


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